Baby and Toddler Kit

Homeopathic Home Treatment for Babies and Children

 Safe, Gentle Healing:

With this self-help remedy kit and booklet you can experience first-hand a gentle but effective way of healing your little ones. Free from any side effects, homoeopathy is perfectly suited to self-treatment. Everyday minor acute complaints can be safely dealt with at home. This handy combination of remedy kit and mini-guide can be kept within easy reach at home or on holiday.

Homeopathy requires the selection of the most accurate remedy and the frequency of dosage. This is usually highly specific and unique to each individual with a specific complaint. This booklet will provide some guidelines to help select the most appropriate remedy for many common childhood complaints.

The kit includes:

  • 30 homeopathic medicines commonly used in paediatric homeopathic practice.
  • 80 page booklet – the purpose of the booklet is to guide selection of homeopathic remedies in various acute and common ailments of children, in order to assist towards optimal health.

Costs of the kit:

  • The cost of thekit with booklet is R1250
  • Refills are available at R40 each;
  • Telephonic advice is R100 for known patients